Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Poetry From Ape Girl

Three posts ago, I presented a conceptual art piece by New York artist Shiri Sandler. This piece was Ape-girl performs "fools gold". Shiri has generously offered to share some of her poetry with the Monkey Prose readers. You will find this below. I hope that you enjoy it!

I wouldn't take my word for it
/ The Poetics Of The Absurd.

Quickuick in a hurry,
suddenly streched beyond galaxies,
a bubbly shelter.

We are not safe here in this forest.
scratching claws on a tree trunk -
maybe they'll stick.

A claw breaks in the trunk
so she takes it with her.

Touch the mossy side for north.
the moss has become precious
They spin gold from it
these days

She uses her force field
and plants a new forest.

I draw lines throughout dimensions,
Some is invented and some is staged for this event.
All that's left are traces
Of memories/ dreams/ places

I write and re-write my story as I go.

Today I reached a spot where art imitated life,
And life imitated it back.

You know I love you.


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