Monday, May 28, 2007

Highlands Photographic Guild in Milford, PA

"Photography has always reminded me of the second child.. trying to prove itself. The fact that it wasn’t really considered an art.. that it was considered a craft has trapped almost every serious photographer." - Richard Avedon

Trudi and I recently discovered a fascinating photography collection in Milford, PA. It is the Highlands Photographic Guild. Based on the quality of their work, I am certain that these photographers can "hold their own" with any other art form.

I was captivated by this collection of well crafted photos, which were both compelling and eclectic. I have always enjoyed photo displays that present a number of different artists. Such an experience is both visually stimulating and intellectually rewarding. It forces you to categorize the different styles, and thus to better understand each photographer's point of view.

Karen Kruger, one of the 10 resident photographers, was kind enough to walk us through the collection, and to give us some background on each artist. Karen is in love with color. She uses it in a bold but controlled way. Her photos grab your attention, and elicit a powerful emotional and cerebral response. She is particularly gifted in her use of blue. Her photo of flagstone steps, a jar and a door mesmerized me. The different shades of turquoise, cobalt, and navy leaped out from the picture and overwhelmed me. It was a most pleasant experience!

Contact information - and hours - can be found at HPG. They also participate in Art After Dark, where a number of artists, musicians, and merchants stay open from 6-9 PM the second Saturday of each month. This sounds like a new and interesting activity for people (like Trudi and I) who find themselves doing the same thing every weekend.

After viewing the collection at the Highlands Photographic Guild Gallery, I challenge any painter or sculptor to claim that their art is on a higher level. These photos speak for themselves, and the message is that the Guild Gallery collection is fine art in every sense of the word!

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