Saturday, October 07, 2006

The 2% Difference between Human and Chimp Genes

Geneticists speculate that the difference between human and chimp genes is only 2%. However this difference is significant:

First of all, chimps don't usually wear genes, unless they are dressed up for a movie. Cheeta, the famous actor in Tarzan movies, once commented "I find blue genes to be quite confining. They are a tight fit, and this restricts the flow of creative energy when I am trying to get into the moment for a scene." In later movies, Cheeta had a stipulation in her contract that she would only wear "relaxed fit" pants.

Humans, however, lean towards tighter genes. This preference is dictated by societal pressure to look thin. Here we see a picture of The Man in the Big Yellow Hat (a friend of Curious George) in an early style of blue genes. The desire to be thin originated in early human history when monkey men often had to fit through tight openings in order to escape predators.

As baby boomers age (and get heavier), the fashion industry is moving towards looser fit genes, to support this important demographic. This may cause chimpanzees to reconsider the whole genes issue. If so, then the 2% gap that separates us from our primate pals will get even smaller.

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kiera said...

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