Saturday, February 17, 2007

Monkey Prose Reaches 5,000 Site Visits!

Today Monkey Prose reached 5,000 site visits! And that took place in the last 2 months!

I am deeply grateful to all Monkey Prose visitors for your support and encouragement!

In order to thank my readers, I am offering a copy of Jill Greenberg's wonderful book Monkey Portraits to the first 3 visitors (in the US) who respond by e-mail, with an evaluation of my blog. I am looking for both positive and negative (constructive) comments. This feedback will help me to continue to improve the quality and content of Monkey Prose. I am limiting this offer to the US because shipping to other countries would be too expensive. (Sorry Sri Lanka!) However I welcome comments from visitors all over the world.

My e-mail address is Please be sure to include your complete mailing address, so that I can assure delivery of the book to you.

I will announce the winners in a later post, and will also include their comments.

Thank you again for your support! Please visit Monkey Prose again in the future, because a lot more cool and interesting stuff is coming!

- Monkey Bob

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