Friday, February 16, 2007

Tony DeSare - A New Jazz Talent!

Every once in a while I need to go "off topic" because I can't talk about monkeys all of the time!

My wife Trudi and I recently discovered a wonderful jazz pianist named Tony DeSare. He just released his second album (shown at left) called Last First Kiss.

Tony is a fast rising talent in the genre of Harry Connick Jr. and Peter Cincotti. But Tony has his own unique style, which sets him apart from his contemporaries.

DeSare's piano talent is stunning for a artist so young (30), and his crystal clear voice and movie star good looks have caused more than one listener to compare him to Michael Buble. In addition, Tony writes many of his own songs, which makes him a musical Triple Threat.

In Last First Kiss, Tony makes a gutsy departure from "Sinatra style" standards by covering Prince's hit song "Kiss". While Prince's version is Funky with a capital "F", Tony goes in a completely different direction and transforms this song into a bouncy ballad that works quite well!

The back up band includes well known jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli, whose impeccable playing adds even more polish to DeSare's virtuoso performances.

If you are a fan of the new generation of piano crooners, then I think that you will very much enjoy this album! Also check out Tony's first album Want You. It is another masterpiece!

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