Saturday, April 28, 2007

Court Battle Over "Primarily Primates Inc." in Texas

A court battle has been ragining in Texas over Primarily Primates Inc., a sanctuary for primates.

One side says that the animals there were being neglected and abused. The other side says that this is not true.

I leave it up to you, dear readers, to make up your own mind. Some sources for information are:

The Chicago Tribune. - "Refuge Became Prison"

PETA - "Hell on Earth for Animals"

Primarily Primates Inc. Press Page

Friends of Animals Commentary

Animal Liberation Front Commentary

Wikipedia Entry on Primarily Primates Inc.

San Antonio Express News Article on Primarily Primates

The latest news is a story in the Chicago Tribune, entitled Texas expected to end legal moves against animal sanctuary

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot is the person responsible for this decision. If you wish to express your feelings about this matter to him, he can be reached at: Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Jeremy Bentham once said about animals: "The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but rather, "Can they suffer?"


Anonymous said... contains a plethora of information re: this situation

Anonymous said...

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Thnaks Bob!

Anonymous said... shows the real story of what happened and the horrible conditions prior to the recievership. Priscilla Feral's website takes credit for all of the many wonderful things that were done during the recievership, and her constant want of donations should cause speculation for any of those who visit her site.

Anonymous said...

It's not cool to see an animal as property even if you feel it is right or even if legal says so. Those primates gonig back to you is just a mother sending kids she adopted back to a unsatisfactory foster care. If you care about these animals you would think about their happiness first before your budget. On the other hand, where they are now wants them so bad I would think they can pay an equal amount of your loss. What comes down to it is if there this legal dispute makes your company look selfish to their needs, your going to lose business anyway. Who wants to go to a facility that can't take care of their animals the first time. Hope you make the right decision and make these animals and your support, the people, happy.