Sunday, January 13, 2008

Emotional Custody Battle Gets Hairy

Previously I've posted a number of stories about the custody battle for Emma and Jackson. They are two chimpanzees currently residing at Chimps Inc. in Bend, Oregon.

CBS Evening News recently did a broadcast about this situation. You can view it at CBS Evening News Broadcast.

I know the people who run Chimps Inc. I have the highest confidence that they are providing a loving and safe environment for all of their primate guests.

I encourage you to contact Chimps Inc. and make a donation to support their wonderful work.

"Saving two chimpanzees won't change the world, but it will change the world for those two chimpanzees."

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whatever said...

you have no idea the caliber of people running chimps inc, obviously. It is lacking. Many people in the local community have begun to question the psychological state if the ED Paula Muellner, she has been seen in the local bars excessively intoxicated, regularly endagers members of her community by participating in drunk driving, it is rumored that she fancies married or otherwise involved men (inlcuding Palmer Malarkey, a married man affiliated with Chimps Inc.) Pictures of her can be seen on facebook participating in very questionable activities. Who in their right mind, would want this person as the face of an animal sanctuary...and actually have the guts to ask members of their community for cash donations? PLEASE.