Saturday, July 25, 2009

Monkey Prose is Back On Line!

(Monkey Bob and my granddaughter - Rhiannon)

Hello again! For the last 1+1/2 years, I was not actively involved with Monkey Prose. This was due to a job that consumed almost all of my time - and a number of family crises that took up what little time was left.

But now I am back.

A number of factors motivated me to reactivate this site:

There have been over 28,000 visitors to my site, so a number of people have found some value in it.

The family situation has calmed down, especially since I moved and left no forwarding address.

I have managed to reduce my weekly work schedule down to about 70 hours per week, which leaves just enough extra time to eat, sleep, and write a few words.

I turned 60 last March, which was a major milestone. If you haven't reached this age yet - avoid it. (Changing your birthday to Feb 29 is one way to slow down the process.) Turning 60 doesn't make you feel positive about your body or your chances of paying off long term loans. But the one good thing was - I realized that I'm not going to be around forever. This motivated me to increase the literary legacy that I am leaving for my family.

And finally, I want to make writing my next career after I leave the wonderful world of corporate sales. So in order to become the next Garrison Keillor, I need to hone my craft by writing on a regular basis.

Therefore you can look forward to more pithy prose from Monkey Bob in the near future. I welcome your comments!