Friday, September 29, 2006

Gorillas Are Just as Snarky as New Yorkers!

After a recent visit to the Bronx Zoo, I confirmed a long time suspicion; gorillas are just as snarky as people in New York City. For example:

Koko, a 5 year old female, was seen to frown at a younger female who wore the same banana leaf skirt two times in the same week.

None of the residents would give directions to a new gorilla who was trying to find the food dispensing area.

As soon as a gorilla wandered away from a group, the remaining apes appeared to be chattering and laughing about the departee.

Zoo keepers are not sure if this behavior is unique to NYC gorillas, or if it is widespread. My guess is that it is a New York thing, acquired by contact with visitors from The Big Apple.

However, snarkiness may not necessarily be a bad thing! It may very well give these animals an evolutionary edge. New Yorkers are well known for their survival skills. Ask anyone who has ridden on the F Train!

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Anonymous said...

A most fascinating story! Humans and apes have mostly the same DNA, so I am not surprised that we exhibit similar behavior. Again Monkey Bob has hit a home run! I would like to next see an article about chimp behavior.

- Monkey Bob